Sufix Synergy Carp Green

Sun 07 April 13


Finding the right reel line that offers all the features you require for your personal style of fishing is a daunting task with numerous options available claiming to be the ultimate line of all time that can do everything including cook your breakfast. When making your personal line selection you should take into consideration the type of venue you will be fishing, does it have snags, gravel bars and heavy weed to contend with? Then most critically what size of fish will you be likely to come into contact with when fishing this venue. Once these factors have been established then you can make your final decision. Sufix have a big worldwide reputation for quality reel lines that has been built around offering the angler total confidence in lines that offers reliability and total durability.

The latest addition to the Sufix range of lines is the Synergy Carp Green and this is no exception. This latest offering to the world of carp lines has been designed to offer the angler four key features, these are:

High Abrasion Resistance – This is an essential feature for a reel line on most venues as natural snags like tree roots, branches, gravel bars and natural vegetation including bull rushes and Lilly pads are a common features that lines will come into contact with during there time in the water.

Reliable Knotting StrengthUKMA tested the Synergy Carp Green by tying several different knots including Palomar, Figure of eight, Blood knot etc, to establish any variations in breaking strain and after full testing the line retained a breaking strain in access of its rated 15lbs by on average 3.5lbs on all knots.

Suppleness & Low diameter to BS ratio – By increasing the suppleness and keeping the lines diameter as low as possible, Sufix have produced a superb casting line that can be cast huge distances even in 15lbs or above breaking strains. UKMA were able to achieved in access of 130yds with a 3oz distance lead with very little effort at all.

Green Colour – I have been a bastion of green coloured lines for sometime now as I find they blend into virtually every lake natural camouflage far better than clear or darker lines. In the near clear water conditions we tested the Synergy green in, it instantly disappeared when under the water and blended into the lakes vegetation perfectly.

10lb 0.24mm 2,050m £19.99
12lb 0.26mm 1,890m £19.99
15lb 0.30mm 1,365m £19.99
18lb 0.33mm 1,095m £19.99
20lb 0.35mm 1,005m £19.99

Final Thoughts

To be totally honest with you, I have heard mixed reports in reference to Sufix reel lines. Although the majority have been very constructive, one or two proving less favourable. But like all products we review at UKMA, we base our findings on facts and test, not on here say or angling myth.

With this in mind we can confidently inform you that the Sufix Synergy Carp Green is a line that truly does what it says on the tin. It produces a high quality casting performance that compares to the best lines we have used without loosing any knotting strength

The low diameters to weight ratio are spot on and help produce impeccable line lay on your spools when loaded on to the spool correctly. If I had to pick one fault it would be that it does take its time sinking but once it cuts the surface and settles it stays down. A very likeable line that is definitely worth a try, plus it offers great value for money as you get enough line on a 4oz spool to fill three mini big pits, all for just under twenty quid.


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