Wychwood Solace Foldall

Wed 15 July 15


With the current trend for specialist angler being minimal tackle to keep on the move, numerous carryall systems have hit the market to make travelling light a very easy affair. One product in this category that the UKSA team have had our eye on over the past few months is the Solace Foldall from Wychwood, read on as we put it under the microscope.

Wychwood Solace Foldall

Vital Statistics

This very well thought out carryall leaves us with one dilemma, where to start?. This compact unit measures in at 400mm wide x 300mm deep x 220mm in height and has numerous feature, that make it very versatile tackle transportation and multi option storage unit .

External pockets

You have two small end pockets that measure in at 190mm wide x 240mm in height x 50mm deep. on the outer face of these pockets you also have a meshed sleeve, with an elastic strip along the top edge to prevent small items falling out whilst on the move. the base of the pocket has a vinyl waterproof cover that also assists in preventing wear and tare on the soft mesh. This pocket is fully padded, meaning you can store items like scales without any risk of damage.

On the outer front panel, you have a large 370mm wide x 270mm in height x 50m pocket with a two way zipped access. This is the ideal pocket for storing all leading brands of large tackle boxes and as the pocket is fully padded, your tackle box or any other item you decide to store in this pocket is well and truly protected from potential damage.

The main compartment measures in at 390mm wide x 300 in height x 210 mm deep (internal measurements). this compartment features a soft nylon lining, padding on all walls and a padded base. You can store everything from stoves, gas cannisters, tackle accessories,etc, with plenty of room to spare if required.

To enter the main compartment, you have a two way zip with large pull tags to enable the zip to be opened quickly. The top panel features a fully zipped mesh compartment that has two rows of four retaining loops known as the bankstick retention system. These securely hold up to four bank sticks up to a maximum lengths of 390mm with alarms or butt rests fitted.

Retractable bivvi table

Key Feature

At the rear of the Foldall, you have 400mm wide x 260mm in height x 50mm deep pocket with a black neoprene waterproof outer face. Inside this pocket you have a fold-out bivvi table, that is attached to the inside of the pocket via to permanently fixed retaining runners. Simply unzip the pocket, lift pull the bivvi table out, swing the fully adjustable supporting out and extend to the required height, to make the table level and stable

Shoulder strap and webbed handles


To transport the Foldall around is a very comfortable affair and there are two ways of carrying this compact carryall around. Firstly, you have two webbed carry handles with a neoprene wrap, which fastens via Velcro strips, which is fully padded and very comfortable, even when the Foldall is fully loaded. Alternatively, you can use the full adjustable shoulder strap, which has a fully padded shoulder rest. This attaches to the Foldall via two locking hooks, which means the carry strap can be removed if you wish.

Permanently fitted retractable bivvi table

Final Thoughts

If you are in the market for a compact carryall, that has multiple storage options and a retractable bivvi table permanently fitted as standard, then the Foldall is one option definitely worth considering. All the zips, fastenings and materials used in the manufacturing of the Foldall perform perfectly, and are fully protected from water encroachment through the base as a vinyl black cover is fitted to make the base totally waterproof. So if you travel light, like to stay mobile or only fish sessions were minimal equipment is required, then you should really have a good look at one of these.

Foot Note – The Foldall is available from all leading Wychwood retailers and has a full RRP of £59.99 but if you shop around on-line there are some very good deals to be found.


Visit the Website: http://www.wychwood-carp.co.uk/