Wychwood Tackle Solace Rucksack

Wed 07 May 14


I carry an awful lot of kit when I go fishing, perhaps too much, but I do need to get it to the bank safely, gain access to it quickly, and ensure it is protected from the elements; the Wychwood Solace rucksack system has been helping me do just that for over a year now!

Searching for a new piece of tackle, especially something which requires investment, often ends in disappointment, but not this time… I have to say I’ve been extremely impressed with my Solace system, it’s been out in all weathers, dumped on muddy banks, been overloaded, dragged and soaked and still looks brand new. I fish at least once a week, so it really has had some abuse, on rivers, lakes and even at sea, so I guessed a few thoughts would be worth sharing if you are in the market for a quality rucksack.

Firstly, it’s big; at 70 litres capacity, I can get an awful lot of stuff into the main compartment, and the external pockets give plenty of extra capacity for club cards, bivvy pegs and all the other bits that you to find quickly without rummaging in the depths of a dark rucksack! Constructed of extremely tough, weatherproof, hard wearing material, the Solace rucksack features an EVA backplate which offers exceptional cushioning and support when fully loaded and properly worn. Ergonomically designed to fit the contours of the wearer, it makes the Solace easy to use when carried over long distances and helps prevent water or sweat ingress into the main compartment. The shoulder rig is fully adjustable to ensure the weight of the rucksack is evenly distributed across the hips, and each strap is padded for additional comfort.

Further weatherproofing is provided by an elasticated top flap and a drawstring weather shield and I’ve had absolutely no problems with anything on the inside getting wet as the top cover does actually completely protect the rucksack…unlike some! It’s easy to wipe clean too, a stiff brush can be used to get most of the muck off, and a wet wipe completes the task, and it doesn’t damage the fabric either.

The external pockets can be accessed using the usual zip fastenings on the outside, or can be opened from within the main compartment to keep things dry in inclement conditions. There are three smaller pockets and three big pouches, all have strong zips which completely surround each one, so they are very easy to open; each zip toggle also features a handy finger loop which is ideal for those cold days where gripping the zip is an issue! Elasticated netting on the outside of the pockets means you can hold even more kit and keep it safely to hand!

Overall, it’s a top quality piece of luggage, packed with features and solidly built. All snap fittings and stitching still look like new, I’m impressed with the little things which have been incorporated such as a padded carrying loop which means I can pick it up without pulling on the shoulder straps, the subtle logo, the quality of buckles, zips and fittings and much more! As I’ve said, it still looks brand new, so I’ll be certainly looking to add more Wychwood Solace luggage and tackle to make my angling easier!


Visit the Website: http://www.wychwood-carp.co.uk/