Catfish-Pro Mega Landing Net 60 inch Tested

Fri 01 May 15


With the weather showing signs of improvement, now is the time of year that the catfish fraternities start their quest for big catfish.When targeting fish that can be as long as 2m plus in length, you need a landing net that can comfortably land and retain the fish whilst it resting. Last year Catfish-Pro sent the UKSA team their Mega Landing Net 60’‘ for us to put through its paces in an angling environment, here’s how it got on.

Catfish-Pro Mega Landing Net 60 inch

Vital Statistics

This cavernous landing net is specifically designed to land and rest big fish including catfish and sturgeon that can grow to lengths above 6 feet. The actual net features a very strong mesh which has a deep four foot plus drop from the frame to resting panel at the base. The net is supported by two strong carbon arms that fit into the narrow angled spreader block, creating perfect tensioning of the cord at the widest point of the net. The Spreader block is permanently fixed to a sold carbon handle, producing a well balanced landing net considering it;s huge size.

Catfish-Pro Mega Landing Net 60 inch


To find out how well it would perform in an angling environment, we took it to a well known water in the east midlands, that holds a good head of catfish to near 50lbs and sturgeon to 60lbs plus. In less than 24 hours, we landed three sturgeon from 28lbs 8ozs up to a 41lbs 8 ozs which was nearly five feet long and this massive net more than comfortably netted this beast.

The Mega landing net swallowed this 41lbs 8oz sturgeon with room to spare

Considering the size of the Mega Landing Net, it was easy to manoeuvre once in the water, and the mesh size made scooping of fish a very simple task. Once the fish was ready for unhooking, the removal of the arms from the spreader block was straight forward and even with a big sturgeon thrashing around, no damage, rips or tares were visible on the net. After landing three big fish in the net, it was blatantly obvious that this net could easily handle fish well over 6 feet in length and it was definitely strong enough to cope with huge weights.

Final Thoughts

If you fish for big fish that a standard 42 inch landing net can’t handle, then look no further. The Mega Landing Net 60 inch from Catfish-Pro is more than capable of landing pretty much any fish you are likely to encounter, whilst fishing British fresh waters. If you head out to the continent in search of real monster, Catfish-Pro also offer a 72 inch option, which should more than cope with anything you are likely to encounter. The Mega Landing Net 60 inch sells for £99.99 and the 72 inch option sells for £129 and both are available from all leading Catfish-Pro stockists.


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