Dinsmores Triangular Speci-Mix Folding 40 inch Landing Net Head

Mon 21 January 13


Most of you will as demanding tackle tarts look at carrying a spare landing net with you, specifically for those special occasions when you are lucky enough to get a double take but for most of us lesser angler purely for show. As the recession really takes hold of our finances, the days of having a matching pair of expensive carbon framed nets and handles to match are well and truly over for most. So a reliable, more cost effective alternative is required to keep you kitted out with a spare net without having to upset the wife.

One company who have a positive solution to this problem is Alderidge based tackle manufacturers Dinsmores who have a wide range of landing nets to suit the numerous requirements of the fresh water angler and at a very affordable price. The Triangular Speci-mix Folding 40 inch Landing Net Head is not one of the lightest nets I have ever used but it is a strong as they come. It carries all the features of the far more costly brands but Dinsmores have been able to produce a landing net that anglers on the tightest budget can comfortably afford.

Vital Statistics

The Triangular Speci-mix Folding 40 inch Landing Net has a die-cast spreader block that has a mat black finish with a brass thread attachment that will fit into all standard threaded landing net handles. To support the net you have two 40 inch fibreglass arms that have been strengthened on the ends that go into the spreader block by adding metal sleeves to prevent wear and create a secure fit. Between the two arms you have a 40 inch long string that adds tension to the net once it is fully supported by the spreader block.

The actual net utilises two different sized meshes. The base of the net is a fine 5mm mesh that offer comfort and support to the fish. The second mesh is 15mm and this makes it possible to slip it through the water much quicker, making the landing of fish much easier. TOP TIP – Instead of getting your expensive net destroyed by treble hooks and sharp teeth the Triangular Speci-mix Folding 40 inch Landing Net is the perfect solution because even if the hooks get caught up in the mesh and it gets destroyed, the cost of a replacement is minimal.

Final Thoughts

Dinsmores Triangular Speci-mix Folding 40 inch Landing Nets are ideal for all still water and river angling situations, when big fish are the quarry. It is more than big enough to land most specimen fish including carp, bream, tench, chub, barbel, zander and pike. Although it wouldn’t be my personal first choice landing net, I will be definitely carrying it as a spare net in the future.

Let’s face it for just £15.99 you get a landing net head that is a handy accessory to any anglers armoury and great value for money, plus you get a free stink bag, who can ask for more?


Visit the Website: http://www.dinsmores.co.uk/