Drennan Specialist Landing Net 32in

Wed 08 July 15


First Look

Landing net selection is a personal choice, which is normally based on the size of the species being targeted. Many will buy ne net that is suited to all species but the true tackle tarts amongst you will have a landing net designated to a specific species. On the other hand, if your budget is a bit on the tight side and you are looking for a good quality landing net that is suited for use when targeting several different species, then the Specialist Landing Net 32in could be exactly what you are looking for. Read on as the UKSA team put this latest addition to the Drennan landing net range under the microscope.

Drennan Specialist Landing Net 32in

Vital Statistics

This latest Landing net offering from Drennan is ideally suited for most spe­cimen species including big roach, rudd, perch, tench, bream, chub and barbel. They feature high mod­ulus carbon arms, these slot neatly into a lightweight, injection moulded plastic spreader block with stainless steel screw fitting, which makes the spreader block very strong indeed. The 32” (81cm) option featured, has a 27” (69cm) gape at the front and 8mm mesh, which allows for faster scooping and offers minimal resistance in the flow should you be fishing one of the big, hard flowing rivers.

Drennan Specialist 32'' Spreader Block

The Specialist Landing Net’s mesh is a strong yet soft hexagonal design in an unobtrusive olive green colour. All the seams on the mesh have been double stitched for added strength, plus the top section that encapsulates the support arms has been made from a very soft yet hard wearing meshing for even more added strength.

First Impressions

The Drennan Specialist Landing Net 32’ is ideally suited to the requirements of anglers who target a number of species. It is lightweight, easy to assemble and most importantly very well made. The featured 32’‘ option will cost you £39.99 but if this option is too small for your personal requirements, there is also a 36’ (91cm ) option available that will cost you £44.95.

Foot Note – The UKSA team will be putting the Drennan Specialist 32’ Landing net through it’s paces over the coming weeks, so keep a look out for our full field test report coming soon!


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