Drennan Super Specialist Keepnet 10ft (3m) Carp

Tue 14 July 15


Drennan Super Specialist Keepnet 10ft 3m carp

For all of you specialist anglers who like to retain fish for catch and group shots, sometimes especially when targeting bream, roach, tench chub and perch and multiple fish are expected, you’ll need to use a keepnet. Now as with all specialist anglers, fish welfare is paramount. So a keepnet must be totally fit for the job, offering plenty of internal space, a fish friendly mesh, as well as a support frame that will fully protect the fish whilst being retained. With these thoughts in mind, the UKSA team have had a nose around on the internet and one that fits the bill perfectly is the Drennan Super specialist Keepnet 10ft (3m) Carp.

Drennan Super Specialist Keepnet bank-side

Vital Statistics

The Super Specialist keepnet features a silky soft carp fishery approved, soft fine green mesh throughout. This is supported by the eight 40cm (15.75’) x 50cm (19.75’) frames, that create a huge internal space for retained fish. The top frame features a multi angle locking tilt head, that once tightened to the required angle is rock solid. This also houses the brass threaded connection bolt that is moulded into the plastic tilt head.

Multi angle tilt head

Other features to be found on the Super Specialist Keepnet include a ‘V;shaped rod rest on the front face of the top frame. On the base frame you have two strong plastic triangular reinforced stake out points. these enable you to stake the keepnet out in shallow waters with a standard bank stick. Once the net is in the water, To ensure that the Super Specialist keepnet sinks perfectly every time, the four bottom frames are weighted.

Super Specialist Keepnet 10ft

Final Thoughts

As many of the UKSA team fish for many species, we like to carry a keepnet with us to retain multiple fish catches. If like us you want a net that won’t let you down, that won’t stick out like a Christmas Tree when fishing a venue where the fish spook easily, then this is one definitely worth considering as a serious option. These excellent keepnets have been available for a few years now and we haven’t seen many better for specialist angling environments.

Foot Note – The Super Specialist Keepnet 10ft (3m) Carp is available from all leading Drennan stockists and one will cost you £42.99.


ALWAYS make sure you have permission to use a keepnet when visiting any fishery before you use one!


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