Savage Gear Folding Landing Net.

Mon 04 November 13


I’ve been after something for a while which is compact, yet big enough to deal with pike and other fish when I’m wandering the banks with a light lure kit or otherwise; I think I’ve found just what I’m looking for with this Savage Gear folding design.

The Tele-folding rubber mesh landing net (to give it it’s full title) is available in two sizes, large and extra large, and I got hold of the XL version to give it a workout. The XL version really is big enough to deal with anything I’m likely to catch, (to be fair the large probably would be too!) but is ideal for longer fish such as pike and catfish. It is exceptionally lightweight for such a large net, and this is due to the top quality aluminium extending handle and frame which support a rubberised mesh.

So, on to the finer points…. build quality is everything you would expect from a brand leader, and despite my initial misgivings about the nylon reinforced carbon spreader block which forms a ‘locking plate’ to provide sturdy support for the whole system, I’ve had no problems with splitting or fractures at the point which takes all the pressure. The block dovetails into place as the handle is slid back to lock into the other side using two spring loaded buttons to locate properly. It’s a simple design which works well and offers stability and confidence to the angler. The telescopic handle is retracted or extended by twisting the screw down collar then tightening back up when the desired length is selected, and a textured rubber grip means it’s easy to hold when fingers are cold and wet! It will go out to the usual full 6’ too, so you are not being short changed! The handle is fluted to assist movement through the block and to ensure the spring pins engage correctly so the landing net is rock solid when you need it.

The net frame folds in half and is secured by a strong rivet which moves freely so the net can be quickly set up when required. It’s made of fairly heavy gauge aluminium too, so it’s not easy to deflect or bend should it be dropped or sat on! The rubber mesh has a fairly big weave which allows water to move through easily, so when I’m on the river, it’s not being constantly dragged downstream by the force of water and it is also much easier to remove flying trebles and traces from the mesh; no chance of a fish getting ‘hung up’ as you struggle to disengage the hooks! The stitching is solid too, and the net provides an outstanding 85cm of fish swallowing depth!

The great thing about this product is that it really does cover all angling situations; it can be used for big carp, pike and catfish, it can be safely used on boats as the handle can be retracted and then used at short length, it’s great on marina walls, moving water, small streams and big rivers, I’ve used it in most of them and always been confident it would perform.

Final Thoughts

In summary, this is a fantastic net which offers many options and performs sterling work; if you put a 30lbs fish in it and lift only from the end of the handle, then don’t be surprised if it bends, but if you support your fish properly when removing from the water, then you will be able to land some very big fish with ease! It’s a great net, and with a RRP of around £40, go buy one!


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