Wed 27 February 13


Any angler who has fished for pike will at one time or another experienced that magical moment when a fish slips over the net and once inside, they decide to spin like a top and end up totally entangled in the mesh. Not only does this become expensive because you normally have to cut the mesh to release the troublesome creature but you are potentially endangering the welfare of the fish because of the amount of time it can take to safely untangle the fish and remove the hooks. After having this happen to me, way to many times,

I soon realised that standard small or fine meshed landing net primarily designed for carp were more of a hindrance than a help when landing pike, so may be a larger mesh would be the order of the day to assist in eliminating this problem.
So after having a good look around on the www, to try and source a replacement net that would comfortably fit on a 40 inch net frame, that also has a mesh large enough to potentially help reduce entanglement, yet still offer enough support and protection to the fish once out of the water.

After visiting the usual mainstream manufacturers with no joy, I had a look into the world of salmon and trout and eventually stumbled upon the perfect option. Sharpe’s of Aberdeen supply a replacement net bag called a KL9, this robust net has a 3 inch mesh which is manufactured from a very strong yet supple pale blue Rayon material. Although Originally designed for landing large salmon on hard flowing rivers, this large mesh is ideal for landing everything from small jacks of only a couple of pounds right through to the biggest of pike with comfort.

Final Thoughts

If like me you’ve experienced the problem of trebles and teeth getting tangled in fine meshed landing nets then this is something you should really consider adding to your predator angling arsenal. The KL9 will comfortably fit on any 40inch triangular net frame and once fitted is approximately 30 inches deep, which is more than deep enough to prevent fish trying to leap to there freedom. You can buy the KL9 direct from Sharpe’s of Aberdeen on-line for £18.00 which is great value for money for a replacement net that could potentially improve fish welfare by greatly reducing net entanglement.


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