Wychwood Extending Landing Net Handle

Wed 08 July 15


Field Tested

When specialist angling, you at some point in time have fish in environments where you access to the water for landing fish can be very difficult. In situations like this, you need a landing net handle that is versatile and adaptable to your requirements on any given day or situation. One landing net handle that caught the attention of the UKSA team that offers multiple usage options is the Extending Landing Net Handle from Milton Keynes based Wychwood, read on as we put it through its paces out on the bank to see how well it would perform in a working environment.

Wychwood Extending Landing Net Handle

Vital Statistics

The Extending Landing Net Handle form Wychwood is ideal for when the extra reach is needed, including fishing steep or hazardous banks, fishing the margins or using zig rigs, where a standard 6 foot handle is simply not long enough for the job. To enable this slim and lightweight net handle to reach the required distance, it features a twist lock extension system, that enables this 5ft (152cm) handle to be extended to a maximum length of 9ft 6in (287cm).

Wychwood Extending Landing Net Handle

To extend the handle, simply grip the main out handle, then twist the internal extension away from you (if right handed, towards you if left handed). Then extend to the required lengths and twist and lock into place. Once the extending Landing Net handle is locked into position, it stays locked and wont budge, which is critical.

clearly marked length markers

To enable you to know exactly what length the handle is set at, you have length markers printed on the internal tube, these are 6ft, 7ft, 8ft, 9ft and 9.5ft which is the maximum length this net handle can be extended. As standard this net handle also features a universal net head screw connection, making the Extending Landing Net Handle suitable for use with all leading brands of specialist and specimen landing nets currently on the market.

Japanese shrink wrapped handle with a stainless steel end cap with the Wychwood leaf logo embossed

To keep a good grip on this slim landing net handle, you have a Japanese shrink wrapped handle that measures in at a 19.6in (50cm) in length and even when wet, the handle is very easy to keep a solid grip on. To finish the handle end off, you have a stainless steel end cap with the easily recognisable Wychwood leaf logo, which is a nice touch for all you anglers who love you brands.

Field Tested

After using the Wychwood Extending Landing Net Handle several times with nets from 30in up to 42in, in all situations it showed great balance, strength, rigidity and all round performance, even when full extended to it’s maximum length of 9.5ft. All features performed superbly, especially the Twist Lock system, which stayed securely in place, even when manoeuvring around a 42 net at the handles full length.

Final Thoughts

The Wychwood Extending Landing Net Handle is the ideal tool for all serious specialist and specimen anglers. No matter what species you target from roach, rudd, bream, tench perch, pike, carp, chub and barbel, this well made and very versatile landing net handle will definitely have all your requirements covered. All in all, this is a great addition to any specialist anglers tackle and to be totally honest, it has made the old faithful landing net handle I’ve been using for years redundant, it’s that good!

Foot Note – You can pick one of these up from your local Wychwood stockists for £59.99 full RRP but if you shop around on line, there are a few good deals to be found



Visit the Website: http://www.wychwood-carp.co.uk/