Billy Back Biters

Thu 05 November 15


After doing a bit of research into predator angling bite indication, one name popped up virtually every time we spoke to predator anglers in the know, and that name was Billy Back Biters. So the UKSA team contact company owner Paul Alsop and after some negotiation, he decided to let us take a look at his products and allow us to test them over the winter months. Read on as we give you the full low down on the company and their very impressive range of predator alarms.

What is a Billy Backbiter

Since going commercial in December 2007, Billy’s Backbiters have quickly established themselves as the number one Bite Alarm for Predator Anglers throughout the UK and Europe. Many years experience in Engineering and Pike Fishing has gone into delivering a high quality and supremely trustworthy “Backbiter” or “Drop Back Style” Alarm. They will see you through season after season of continuous, reliable service no matter what the worse of the winter’s weather has to throw at them. Our promise is to produce an exceptional product with outstanding service.

So, why do Predator Anglers need a Drop-Off style bite alarm? Most Pike and Predator Anglers out there will use a Drop-Off style indicator of some sort. Even Anglers using front alarms will incorporate a drop arm in their bite indication as the need to detect a slack line run is as important as using a wire trace. Billy’s Backbiters filled a void in the market for a quality alarm for Predator Anglers. Many Piker s will have reverted to front alarms in their time and will have spent years putting up with the bleeping all day long when fishing in a flow river, or fishing in wind on a still water where the waves were rolling, or with live baits.

As a result you get complacent to the beeps and tend not to pay them any attention. When a Backbiter alarm goes off it is for one reason only and that is because a Predator has grabbed your bait. Serious Anglers are of the opinion a Backbiter alarm is the only type of alarm that covers all round Predator Angling, from fishing small live baits on the local cut to banging out big dead baits on a Scottish Loch.

Billy Backbiters

Vital Statistics

These non maintenance bite indicators are specifically designed to offer the predator angler assured bite indication at all times. they’re ideally suited to registering both “drop Back” and “full on” takes and when set correctly, they instantly let you know if your bait has been picked up. There are three colour options available in the range that all offer the same components and superb build quality. You have the Blue Nose and Red Nose versions that feature a see through waterproof outer case, which illuminates when you get an indication, making bite virtually impossible to miss. The third option is the classic Black & Blue which features a solid black outer case, with a blue LED indicator and this option is best suited to the more traditional angler, who prefers to be slightly more discrete on the bank.

To attach the Back Biter to a bank stick, on the rear panel you have two clips that are capable of attaching themselves to the majority of bank sticks from 12mm to 24mm in diameter securely. These clips are also coated to prevent any damage to your bank sticks, which will please all of you who like to take care of your gear.

Billy Bckbiter connected to a 24mm diameter bank stick

How to use your Billy Backbiter

On the side of each alarm, you have three fittings. Starting at the top, you have a black volume control with a white dot. Simply rotate this in an anti clockwise direction until the desired tone volume is achieved. Directly below this is the on off switch. The alarm is turned off when the switch is in the down position, to turn on obviously push the switch up. The third fitting is the stainless steel rotating housing for the indicator arm to clip into. The final feature is the sounder box on the front panel, be warned if you turn them up too loud, you’ll seriously regret it!

Once you have your Backbiter attached to the bank stick, this is the time to attach the standard Billy indicator arm. These measure in at 230mm in length and have a stainless steel weight permanently attached that can be moved up and down the stainless steel arm to create a perfect presentation and indication, no matter what the conditions may be.

The end that attaches to the alarm has a spring loaded insert that fits securely into the stainless steel rotating housing. Once fitted to the alarm and the line this enables every movement of the line to be clearly registered. To get the best performance from your Backbitter, set the rotating house to instantly register and drop off as soon as the line is moved and made taught by a take. This set up also gives you a far better and more instant indication when you get a drop back take.

The Billy Backbiter primed and ready for action.

First Impressions

After spending a day out on the bank with the Billy Backbiters, it is blatantly obvious why they are so popular amongst the predator angling fraternities. These cleverly designed and well manufactured alarms offer everything you could ask for in predator bite indication, with every function performing superbly. All three options listed above sell for £70.00 per Backbiter with the standard Billy arm included.

Foot Note – Over the coming weeks, the UKSA team will be putting these well made Backbiters through there paces in an angling environment and we’ll be reporting back with our findings, so until then, watch this space!


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