Catfish-Pro Polyball Livebait Rigs

Sat 18 May 13


With temperatures, pressure and humidity all high, this is that time of year when the big Catfish are up in the water and on the feed. Presenting baits in the mid or upper layers for these huge creatures doesn’t take that much finesse but you do need a rig that is incredibly strong. One of if not the best pre-tied rigs available in the U.K have to be the Catfish-Pro Polyball Livebait Rigs.

These rigs have built a huge following in the realms of all thing Catfish, based upon build quality and reliability. Each piece of terminal tackle used in the Polyball Livebait Rigs has been vigorously tested by Simon Clarke and the team at Catfish-Pro, with all Rigs being produced using 22lb Mono hooklink with the Polyball securely attached to rigs hair.
As well as presenting livebaits like Roach and Rudd perfectly due to the excessive buoyancy of the polyball. These rigs have now also established themselves for their versatility and presentation, with many anglers now using the Livebait Rigs to present natural baits like Lobworms and slugs high in the water column, which has been a very effective method during the hot spell we have been experiencing.

Setting up could not be easier, simply attach the running lead connection system of your choice onto the reel line, then place a running bead above this to act as a buffer between your lead and rig swivel. Then simply connect the swivel on the Polyball Rig to your reel line, it’s that simple. What you have now is a free running rig that enables you to precisely adjust the depth that you want to fish at.

The depth the rig is fished at is very simple to adjust, simply cast out and feel the lead and rig down to the bottom. Then tighten down to the lead, creating a tight line, then simply engage your free spool function and feed the line from the spool in 12 inch lengths. By keeping record of the amount of line fed from you spool you will know the exact depth you are fishing at any given time.

Top Tips
To counteract the buoyancy of the Polyball Livebait Rigs, UKMA recommend that you should use a Flat Pear or Square Lead that is no less than 2.5oz in weight and fitted with a big eye swivel to allow your reel line to pass through the swivels eye unrestricted. Follow the above to guarantee top performance and perfect presentation every time from your Polyball Livebait Rig.

First Impressions

I’m normally not a great lover of ready tied rigs but the Polyball Livebait Rigs have slightly changed my faith. They are very well put together with all components more than capable of handling any Catfish swimming in British Freshwaters. I’m personally yet to catch using one of the Polyball rigs but I have witnessed other anglers using them with outstanding results, a great product and more than worth its £2.40 price tag.


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