Catmaster Tackle The Rattler Dumbell

Tue 09 February 16


For all of you anglers who target catfish during the warmer months, here’s a handy gadget that the UKSA team have recently received from Midlands based Catmaster Tackle. The Rattler Dumbell has been designed to enable you to present live baits up in the water, read on as we give you the full low-down on this very clever product.

Catmaster Tackle The Rattler Dumbell

Vital Statistics

The Dumbell rig is common place in most catfish anglers arsenal of rigs but this clever re-deign has a few tweaks that make it stand out from the crowd. This option is manufactured utilising heavy duty black boom tubing, with two rattler poppers mounted on either end. On one end of the boom tubing, there is a section of silicone tubing, which enables yo to semi fix the hooklength swivel, for more possitive bite indication.

First Impressions

Catmaster Tackle have taken an established product and given it a major facelift, to produce The Rattler Dumbell. If fishing just below the surface with live baits is your thing, then the UKSA team highly recommend that you seriously consider having a good look at one of these before you head out on the bank again. They’re three colour options in the range, pink, yellow and orange and three sizes. The Rattler Dumbells are now available from all authorised Catmaster Tackle retailers and you should expect to pay £9.95 for the large, £10.30 for the Extra Large and £10.70 for the megga.


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