E-SOX Bait Trace

Fri 13 February 15


Team UKMA hit the banks this week with some of the latest additions to the Drennan stable. The new E-SOX range encompasses everything from dropshot to bait fishing and our first item on the agenda was the nylon coated Bait Trace…

Drennan E-Sox Bait Trace main image

These pre-tied ready rigs are ideal for the inexperienced predator angler who needs a safe, strong terminal rig which will put fish on the bank, or the angler who simply wants something quick, easy and effective. Each trace is eighteen inches long, offering ample protection from sharp teeth, and the 34lb wire is sheathed in a nylon material to prevent any chance of damage to either fish, or angler. The trace ends in two super sharp trebles, each one finished off with Drennan crimp sleeves to keep things tidy, and the trace terminates in a strong rolling swivel as expected, also protected by a crimp sleeve.

Bait Trace close up

On the bank, our team found the traces presented in a simple blister type pack, and noted that the card mount had simple to follow instructions which showed exactly how the rig should be used. It was also clearly stated that how far apart the trebles were , and which should be used for bigger or smaller baits. Many readymade traces can be prone to tangling or kinking when removed from the pack, but this nylon coated material was amongst the most supple and resilient ever used by the team; not only was it remarkably flexible, it didn’t retain any memory, nor did it have any areas where the inner wire was exposed which may have caused an annoying ‘needlestick’ type injury.

Loaded trace image

In use, it is easy to match the bait size to the required trace, and the option of barbed, or semi-barbed trebles meant that the bait was securely mounted at all times whilst offering an easy unhooking option.

Packaging instructions

So there you have it; Drennan International have established the E-SOX predator range with an initial catalogue which includes easy to use, effective and practical accessories for the predator angler. Having looked at the Bait Trace, and some of the dropshot range, we like what we’ve seen so far, and we think you will too!


Visit the Website: http://drennantackle.com/productDetail.php?category=53