E-SOX Fluorocarbon Leader

Tue 17 February 15


First Look

Jauntily packaged, the E-Sox Fluorocarbon Leader comes on an attractively presented 50m spool, so you do get plenty of product for your money, which is a great start! Fluorocarbon has a light refractive index almost identical to water, so it is virtually impossible to see in water; ideal when fishing for perch which can be notoriously line shy.

There are four different breaking strains, 6lb, 8lb, 10lb and 12lb, which give a variety of options when dropshotting or jig fishing for stripey predators. Our team found Drennan E-Sox Fluorocarbon to be well able to stand up to a busy day on canals and stillwaters, where the leader was dragged across rocks and other obstructions, so we are fully confident that it will stand up to the rigours of everyday use. Knot strength was excellent, and the inset card recommends the use of an Albright knot for best results when attaching to the usual braided mainlines.

Many lure anglers may prefer an even lighter breaking strain, but we felt that heavier fluorocarbon had the added advantage of being able to be used for other rigs in search of finicky specimen fish such as barbel, chub or tench, so although packaged as ‘dropshot’ material, it could be adequately used in other situations… even more value for money!

Although there is only so much that can be written about fluorocarbon, the team at UKSA reckons that the E-Sox Fluorocarbon fits very nicely within the newly released range of predator gear, with the added advantage of being perfectly suitable for other applications, and works perfectly with the complete range of E-Sox lures too which we will examine soon!
RRP £6.95


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