E-Sox Crimp Sleeves

Tue 01 November 16


With the weather now turning, now is the time to dust off your predator tackle and get ready for your winter campaign. So we all start the rummage through our terminal gear, find out what we’re out of stock of and head off to the local tackle emporium to spend our hard earned cash. One item that many predator anglers neglect to use but are a huge asset when trace building are Crimp Sleeves. These handy sleeves totally cover all fixings to keep your traces in tip top condition

E-Sox Crimp Sleeves

One of the many options currently available that the UKSA team have been having a look at are the Trace Sleeves from Oxfordshire based E-Sox. These streamlined, flexible tapered sleeves are available in translucent Camo Brown, ideally suited for all discrete set ups. But, if you are looking at adding some visual stimulation to your set up, there is also a more distinctive Blood Red option.

Final Thoughts.

Each colour option of these handy trace accessories contains 30 Crimp Sleeves, which means you can build more than enough traces to last. They keep your traces nice and tidy and help protect all fixtures and fitting from potential damage and tangles. You can pick up a pack from all authorised E-Sox stockists and you should expect to pay £2.45 per pack.


Visit the Website: http://drennantackle.com/productDetail.php?category=109