E-Sox Dropshot Weights

Tue 03 March 15


With Dropshotting for predatory species becoming the en vogue winter tactic, the demand for terminal accessories has grown accordingly. Taking this on board, the E.Sox design team have released a range of Dropshot Weights that have caught the attention of the UKSA team, read on as take a first look.

E-Sox Dropshot Weights

The E-Sox Dropshot Weights are available in five sizes from 4-20g, these new dropshot weights offer a new dimension to accurate and sensitive dropshot fishing anywhere from a shallow canal, to a much deeper reservoir or lake where a little more mass is needed to get the bait on the bottom and still remain in touch!

Each pack offers something a little different; there are five pieces in the 4g pack, four in the 8g pack, and three in each of the 12g, 16, and 20g packs, and all are packaged in the resplendent green and orange livery synonymous with the E-Sox range. Unlike many other weights with a tubular design, these have been cleverly cast with a bulbous bottom which allows the lead to pivot easily which lets the angler impart even more movement into the lure without shifting the bomb; very useful!

Each bomb is attached to the rig using a special swivel which tightly grips the line, but allows easy movement if a change of depth of required, and also ensures the weight can be discharged if it becomes snagged. The weights are finished with a dull green/camo coating which prevents reflections, and ensures the fish are interested only in the lure, not the bomb!

Foot Note – The E-Sox Dropshot Weights sell for £4.45 per pack and you get 5 × 4g weights, 4 × 8g weights, 3 × 12g weights, 3 × 16g weights, and 3 × 20g weights per packet.


Visit the Website: http://drennantackle.com/