E-Sox Extra Strong Trebles Barbed & Semi Barbed

Sat 03 December 16


With the winter months now upon us, now is the time of year that we dust off our pike gear and start freezing our fingers off in search of big, hungry predators. So we open our tackle box and find that mother nature has done her worst and all your lures and traces are showing signs of wear and tear, including blunt points and in really bad situations rust. So the only option is to replace them or risk losing fish because your hooks are no long fit for purpose., meaning the best thing to do is replace the hooks. If you are in the market place for a reliable hook with an established reputation, then the UKSA team have got an ideal solution for you in the shape of the E-Sox Extra Strong Trebles Barbed & Semi Barbed.

E-Sox Extra Strong Trebles Barbed

Vital Statistics

The E-Sox Extra Strong Trebles are as the name would suggest, and exceptionally strong treble hook, suitable for use on wire traces and as a replacement treble for lures. Both options in this range feature a slim line eye, which enables you to easily cover and protect all crimps with a sleeve or shrink tube, to keep your rigs protected and tangle free. Both options in the range feature a gunmetal metallic finish that is virtually invisible against most sea and freshwater dead and live baits. The key feature of both patterns is the incredibly sharp, chemically etched needle points for assured deep penetration on the strike, which in theory means more fish landed.

E-Sox Extra Strong Trebles Semi Barbed

Barbed Key Features

The barbs are low profile, shallow cut, which enables the hook to penetrate unrestricted, whilst offering enough grip to prevent potential hook pulls whilst the fish is in play, especially whilst tail walking close in. With all the points having a barb, this enables assured hooking of your baits, which makes this style of treble very popular with the majority of predator anglers new to the sport.

Semi Barbed Key Features

The Semi Barbed option features one hook with a low profile, shallow cut barb, which enables the hook to embed into your dead or livebaits and stay in place securely whilst casting. The remaining two hook points feature a rounded lump on the internal face of the lower point which assist in keep the hook securely in place but make the unhooking process a much safer and faster task. This has made the semi barbed treble pattern widely excepted by the majority of experienced pike and predator anglers as being the safest option to use.

Final Thoughts

The E-Sox Extra Strong Trebles Barbed & Semi Barbed offer pike anglers of all abilities a strong, sharp and most importantly reliable treble hook option with a proven CV. The UKSA team members have used them for some time now and they are 100% fit for the purpose they’ve been designed for. You can either use them as a key component of your trace building or as a sharp replacement for rusty or blunt trebles on your lures. Both the barbed and barbless options are a available in three sizes, these are 4, 6 & 8 which will cover the majority of your predator fishing and you’ll expect to pay £5.99 per pack of 10.


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