E-Sox Lure Traces

Thu 12 October 17


With Autumn now upon us and the days get shorter, it’s that time of year to blow the cobwebs off your pike gear and get ready for the winters bounty of predators. With the number of lure anglers ever increasing, we at UKSA are trying to get as much product info to you as possible, to offer you an option in all categories of predator terminal tackle. So here we go with a look at the tried and tested Lure Traces from Oxfordshire based E-Sox.

E-Sox Lure Traces

Vital Statistics

These 30cm pre made trace are constructed from 34lb (15.4kg) nylon coated E-Sox Super Trace Wire. They connect to your reel line via a exceptionally strong size 9 swivel. At the business end, the lure attaches via a secure, strong, easy to use snap link. The crimping process has no affect on the strength of the trace as special crimps maintain the wires full breaking strain. To keep everything nice and tidy, all crimps are covered with a streamlined sleeve to prevent tangles.

Final Thoughts

If you are new to lure fishing or on the look out for a well made, lure trace, then the E-Sox Lure Traces are the ideal solution. The UKSA team have used them for some time and they do exactly what it says on the packaging. No breaks and no tangles, just a reliable trace that is 100% fit for the purpose it has been designed for.

Foot Note – The E-Sox lure traces are a available from all authorised E-Sox retailers and you should expect to pay £1.95 per trace.


Visit the Website: http://www.drennantackle.com/products/predator/ready-tied-traces/