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Mon 06 January 14


When talking to anglers in the know about predator terminal tackle, one of the brand names that come up in all conversations is ET Predator Tackle. ET Tackle, as it was originally known, is now owned by Andy Lush. Andy has a pure passion for all elements of predator fishing, add to this his numerous years of experience in the predator retail industry as the proprietor of the Friendly Fisherman and you have a formula for success, which Andy and his team take great pride in.

Since taking charge of the ET brand name, Andy has already introduced a selection of exclusive, innovative products that are now part and parcel of most predator angler’s essentials. You can only achieve the type of brand recognition ET Predator Products have over the past few years by maintaining the highest levels of product quality. So when Andy told us about the approaching release of his new range of pike floats for 2010, we couldn’t wait to have a good look.

ET In-line Floats

Metal line guard fitted to inline floatsSpecial attention has been paid to the finer points of the floats to address the usual annoying issues when float fishing. One of the biggest problems with using in-line floats in conjunction with high tech braided reel line is that after using the float for several sessions, the braid starts to create a groove which eventually will trap the braided reel line, preventing or reducing the free movement of the float and potentially ruining your bait presentation.

So to rectify this annoying and expensive problem, those clever gents at ET Predator Tackle have come up with a simple but exceptionally effective solution. They have simply added an internal metal insert in the floats top, by doing this they have now eliminated any possibility of line damage to your chosen float. By rectifying this old problem, ET can now produce an in-line wood bodied floats with the knowledge that they will be far more robust than there plastic counterparts.
There are three different in-line patterns available in the 2010 range, these are the Slider which is a slim cigar shaped float and is available in 18g and 22g sizes and sells for £3.80. Next up is the Dumpy Slider this conically shape float is available in 15g and 20g sizes and sells for £3.99. To complete this half of the Trolling Float this cigar shaped float is easily distinguishable by the swan neck tube on the top (the purpose of this will be explained in a future feature) available in 18 and 22g sizes and sells for £3.99.

ET Pencil Floats

pike float cutawayThe pencil float connects to your reel line via a swivel attached to the base of the float in a similar style as the traditional coarse waggler. However the pencil floats used in predator fishing are ten times as heavy as a traditional waggler and are cast far greater distances. To add to the equation, you are also casting out baits normally in excess of 5oz and on the cast, all of this weight and force accumulates into minimal point of impact creating an area of weakness. To be ruthlessly honest, this is a fault found in the majority of wood bodied predator floats today.

Not to be the ones replacing their floats after every session on the bank, Andy and his motley crew have come up trumps again manufacturing a pencil float that rectified the one major problem in the manufacture of the product. They have achieved this by the simple but clever use of split pins. By attaching the split pin to the swivel and then inserting the split pin 55mm into the floats wooden body and securing it in place with a waterproof adhesive. This greatly reduces the risk of the swivel coming away from the float – even on the most ferocious of casts.

As with the in-line floats there are three patterns, the first is the Dead Bait Pencil that is available in two sizes different sizes that sell for £3.80. The second option in this range is the Vaned Dead Bait Pencil the addition of the Vane to the pencil improves visibility of the float a long range and will also aid casting, available in two sizes and sells for £3.99. Finally you have the Loaded Dead Bait Pencil the loaded version of the dead bait pencil is weighted to half cock leaving enough buoyancy to show a lift bite when a pike picks up your bait, available in two sizes and sells for £3.99.

First Impressions

The best way to describe the finish of this range of predator floats is “quality” All floats have a well presented graphic that is clear and informative and a big help to the novice (ME) The painted finish is as close to perfect as you can get with a mass produced product and very robust (I may have dropped one or two of the floats during photo shoot) The correction of the usual faults like the braid grooves and swivel pulls are simple corrections but ingenious, and by far the biggest selling point for me is the fact that they are Manufactured in the United Kingdom

The New comprehensive range of pike floats from ET Predator Tackle may look like yet another pike float range, that you’ve seen a hundred times before, but on closer inspection you will find some major changes that will greatly improve the performance and durability of these floats. After listening to numerous anglers and taking on board their comments, Andy and his team of top predator anglers have designed and developed a range of Predator Floats which perform superbly, but most importantly, are designed to last.


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