E.T Products Cross Lock Swivels

Wed 07 December 16


Tested Long term

Over the past decade, the UKSA team have had the opportunity to review and field test some of the best predator terminal tackle on the market from the industry’s leading brands. One product from the many we’ve used and tested that has earned a deserved place in our arsenal based on reliability and performance are the Cross Locking Crimp & Swivels, from the very popular E.T Products range, distributed by The Friendly Fisherman from Tunbridge Wells.

ET Products Cross Locking  Crimp & Swivels

Vital Statistics

These incredibly strong cross locking crimps are very easy to open to attach your lures etc but once closed, they stay closed, unlike some we have tested. To attach them to the trace wire, you have a very smooth ’round eye’ swivel connection which enables perfect rotation of the trace whilst in use.

Cross Locking  Crimp & Swivels close up

Final Thoughts

IF you are an angler who likes to build your own traces, using top quality components, then the Cross Locking Crimp & Swivels from the E.T Products range are well worth having a play with. The UKSA team members have used them to great for some time now and they’ve never let us down. They’re available in three sizes; 4, 6 & 8 and you get 10 of the E.T ProductsCross Locking Crimp & Swivels per pack.


Visit the Website: http://www.thefriendlyfisherman.co.uk/