Flexonit 19 Strand Wire & Micro Crimps

Tue 26 January 16


Drop shotting has become arguably the fastest growing genre angling in the UK over the past two years. This simple and cost affective method of catching predatory species, has greatly increased the number of anglers who now target species like perch, pike and zander during the colder months, opening a whole new world of angling to many. One of the issues that many anglers new to drop shotting find is, using mono for perch is perfect but the chances of pike taking the lure is also very likely, an alternative to heavy duty wire traces is the only real solution to prevent fish potentially getting damaged.

Flexonit 19 Strand Wire & Micro Crimps

After talking to one of the Countries leading specialist anglers Andrew Lush from the Friendly Fisherman in Tunbridge Wells, he introduced the UKSA team to the Flexonit 19 Strand Wire & Micro Crimps. This brown in colour high tech Wire products is manufactured in Germany and is made of surgical stainless steel with a high tech processing that makes it both Rustproof and Saltwater resistant. It is ideally suited to situation where an extreme breaking strength is essential. This incredible smooth wire is totally non reflective, making it ideal for clear and shallow water conditions so smooth you can even knot it.

Key Features – Flexonit wire does not split when you cut it and is smooth and flexible enough to knot.

Based on the low diameter of the Flexonit wire, standard trace crimps are way too big. So the German based company also produce crimps specifically designed to be used with the Flexonit. These “micro” crimps are suitable for wires of 0.15mm – 0.25 mm diameter and they have a non reflective black nickel colouring.

Final Thoughts

For all of you keen drop shotting anglers who have experienced loosing fish whilst using mono, these products are the perfect solution. The wire is very easy to use and will not affect the performance of your lure or presentation, unlike standard wire traces. By using a wire like this you can pretty much guarantee that you will be fishing as safely as possible at all times.

Foot Note – The Flexonit wire is available in two diameters, 0.20 (4.5kg – 9.9lbs) and 0.25 (6.6kg – 14.5lbs) and you will have to pay £12.99 for 4m. The Flexonit Micro Crimps are sold in packs of 50 and these cost £5.99

These products are available in the UK exclusively from the Friendly Fisherman


Visit the Website: http://www.thefriendlyfisherman.co.uk/


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