NGT Klones Drop Shotting Kits

Tue 16 February 16


Drop shotting is now well and truly established as one of the quickest growing areas of coarse fishing in the UK. There are literally hundreds of different makes of lures and accessories to cover this genre of fishing, making the right selection a daunting task. However, if you are new to drop shotting or considering giving it a go, without spending a fortune, the UKSA team have the perfect solution for you to try, in the shape of the Klones Drop Shotting Kit from NGT (Next Generation Tackle).

NGT Klones Drop Shotting Kit

Vital Statistics

These handy drop shotting kits from NGT are designed to offer the first time prop shot angler to go to the bank fully equipped with the terminal gear required. There are two packs in the range that offer you the angler a versatile option. Option one contains size 4 hooks to 8lbs line with 5g weights stored on foam winders for easy transportation and 4 × 5cm shads. Option two contains size 2 hooks to 10lbs line with 7g weights stored on foam winders and 4 × 7cm shads.

Final Thoughts

If you fancy a go at Drop Shotting and don’t want to spend the earth, The Klone Drop Shotting kits from NGT are a very good option. For just £3.95 per kit, you get ready to go starter pack with full instruction on how to use printed on the back.


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