Pike Pro Single Treble Semi-Barbless Traces

Thu 01 December 16


Over the past few years, Lincolnshire based Pike Pro have built a great reputation amongst the pike angling fraternities as being a brand that offers top quality products at very affordable prices. Plus with top names including Paul Garner and Lewis Baldwin putting their names to the products, and wit the brand releasing new products every year, it shows that Pike Pro are well and truly here to stay. So here we go with another product from the range, introducing the Pike Pro Single Treble Semi-Barbless Traces.

Pike Pro Single Treble Semi-Barbless Traces

Vital Statistics

For those new to pike fishing, Single treble traces are ideal for float fishing with both live and deadbaits. These trace featuring an extra-strong semi-barbless hook, and are made from hand-crimped 45lb seven-strand Pike Pro wire trace material. Both the hooks and swivels feature a mat black rig sleeves which serve two purposes. Firstly they give the rig a neat finish and secondly this helps to dramatically reducing tangles. To finish the trace off, a bait flag is fitted to the treble hook, which helps to hold the bait on the treble, whilst also adding additional attraction to the bait.

Key Feature – These Pike Pro traces are hand-made in the UK using only the finest components and are the only traces to have the Pike Anglers Club of Great Britain seal of approval.

First Impressions

Yet again! Pike Pro have put together a very tidy trace that is exceptionally well made, with top quality components, that can be used for a variety of presentations, making them an asset to pike anglers of all abilities. As we mention above, they are handmade in the UK and with the seal of approval from the Pike Anglers Club of Great Britain, who are we as mere mortals to doubt their all round quality. The Single Treble Semi-Barbless Traces are available in sizes 4, 6 & 8 and you can pick them up from all authorised Pike Pro Stockists for £3.49 per trace.

Pike Pro Single Treble Semi-Barbless Traces close up

Foot Note – Over the next few months, the UKSA team will be taking them out on the bank , putting them through their paces in a working environment,. So until then, watch this space for our field test review coming very soon.


Visit the Website: http://www.baitbox.com/PikePro