Pike Pro Terminal Tackle Part Five

Wed 28 October 15


With The winter months now just around the corner, it’s time to dust off the predator gear and get ready for a new campaign. Over the past three years the UKSA team have been keeping an eye on the ever growing range of products from Grimsby based Pike Pro. Read on as we introduce you to the three key products for 2015 to keep a look out for.

Wire Trace

Pike Pro new Wire Trace

Pike Pro 20lbs 7 Strand Trace Wire (20m spool) £7.99

With the demand for a variety of breaking strain Wire Trace material from the angling public, Pike Pro have now release three new breaking strains to make their trace options more versatile. After numerous requests for a lighter wire from our zander and perch fishing customers, they have now released the 20lbs BS option. This medium supple wire is the ideal wire to use in jack-infested venues when fishing for perch and zander.

Pike Pro 26lbs 49 Strand Trace Wire (8m spool) £9.99

With large predatory species now being under more pressure than ever before and in return the fish are wising-up to normal presentations. This 49-strand wire has been developed to offer a trace that offers suppleness, making it very easy for a pike to inhale a deadbait and producing less resistance once the bait is in the fish’s mouth. With a higher density than normal seven-strand wire, 49-strand also tend to sink better and lies flat on the lake bed.

Pike Pro 35lbs 19 Strand Wire Trace (15m spool) £7.99

This 35lb test 19-strand wire has a relatively fine diameter and is more supple than standard seven-strand wire, making it ideal for demanding situations. The low-visability bronze colour is ideal for our often algae and silt-tinged venues.
The intermediate suppleness of this wire makes it ideal for all forms of live and deadbait fishing.

Paternoster Swivels (10 pack) £3.99

Pike Pro Paternoster Swivels

Creating a simple, tangle-free connection when fishing a float paternoster set-up has always been difficult, but the UKSA team think we’ve found the solution. These new Paternoster Swivels feature two rolling swivels which are connected at ninety degrees to each other. this allows free rotation of the lead link, and crucially almost resistance-free rotation of the hook trace.

Paternoster Swivel close up

A strong cross-lock style snap link has also been incorporated to allow the hook trace to be changed in a matter of seconds.
The UKSA team honestly believe this well thought out product will help to increase your catch rate by reducing tangles that majority of paternoster rigs are prone to.

Pike Pro Wire Legged Leger Stems £1.99 per pack of two

Pike Pro Wire Ledger Stem pack of two

These handy little ledger stems aremade from 80lb coated seven-strand wire with an over-sized free-running swivel in the top and a proper cross-lock swivel in the base. To ensure maximum buoyancy these stems incorporated one of the Pike Pro 15mm Bait Poppers onto the stem to really keep the line off the bottom, even when the rig has been tightened up. The red colour of the Popper also makes it easier to spot when a fish is ready for the net in low light conditions.

Foot Note – All the aforementioned products are now available from your local Pike Pro stockist


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