Pike Pro Terminal Tackle Part Four

Thu 05 February 15


Over the past 3 years, Grimsby based Pike Pro have developed a superb range of predator terminal tackle. The range has been heavily influenced by the company’s head consultant Dr, Paul Garner and each component has been stringently tested before release to ensure that each component is 100% fit for the job it has been designed for. The UKSA team have recently received a selection of these terminal accessories for us to have a look at, read on to find out what they have to offer you the anglers in 2015.

Anti-Tangle Booms (Pack of five) RRP £2.99

Anti-Tangle Booms

One of the biggest problems when casting large deadbaits and heavy leads are tangles.These are often caused by the weight catching around the top of the trace, whilst being cast, even at short range. By incorporating a PikePro Anti-Tangle Boom between the trace swivel and the Run Ring a degree of separation is created that virtually eliminates the chances of the lead snagging the trace, giving the angler greater confidence that their presentation is spot on every cast.

How to use
After sliding your leger weight or Run Ring up the main line add an Anti-tangle boom. Now tie on your trace and pull the silicone sleeve on the base of the Anti-tangle Boom into the trace swivel to lock it in place.

When casting the Anti-tangle boom pushes the leger weight away from the trace significantly reducing tangles.

Top Tip – For best results use in conjunction with Run Rings to create a tangle-free, low-resistance running rig.

Buffer Beads (pack of 10) RRP £1.99

Buffer Beads

These new Buffer Beads are manufactured from a special soft rubber material that provides excellent levels or resilience, these buffer beads are ideal for using with all running-rigs. They’ve been designed with a large internal bore that can easily accommodate both larger diameter, heavy nylon and braided lines comfortably. They really come into their own when long distance casting with heavy leads and small baits as the bead effectively protects the knot between the main line and trace swivel from damage.

How to use
Use between the trace swivel and main line to create a simple buffer that will protect knot damage when casting heavy leads.

Hard Beads (Pack of 30) RRP £1.99

Hard Beads

With a multitude of uses these 5mm diameter hard beads are an essential part of most predator rigs and should find a permanent place in every pike anglers terminal arsenal. Specifically designed with a small bore that is designed to slides cleanly over braided or nylon main lines, but small enough to not ride over stop knots, making these beads ideal for use with sliding float rigs.

How to use
Slide one of these hard beads onto the main line followed by a sliding float. The small bore on the bead is easily stopped by a stop knot tied from nylon line, powergum or elastic above the float.

Run Rings (Pack of 10) RRP £1.99

Run Rings

The most commonly used rig in predatory angling, is arguably the free running legering rig. This rig incorporates a large bore, low resistance run ring to create near zero tention, which is essential when targeting larger predation.. These Run Rings from Pike Pro have been designed with a wide oval bore that ensures minimal resistance with both braided and nylon lines. They are made from a highly durable nylon material, which has been proven to prevent grooving far better than standard plastic rings. They’re Fitted with coastlock clips for attaching leads, these Run Rings provide an extremely secure attachment that is essential when casting with larger weights.

How to use
Use to create an extremely low-resistance running rig. Attach your chosen lead to the Coastlock clip and then slide the run ring up your main line followed by a buffer bead. Tie on your trace and locate the buffer bead over the trace swivel.

Deadbait Retainer (Pack of 6) RRP £2.99

Deadbait Retainer

Soft baits such as sardines and blueys can be an absolute nightmare to cast any distance once the baits have defrosted. Anglers have come up with many ingenious ways of solving this problem, but the PikePro Deadbait Retainer eliminates the problem for good! These hard T-pegs are simply pushed through the bait and then a short piece of silicone tubing is pushed over the peg to cover the point and shaft. Now simple push the barbed point of your treble hook through one of the holes in the shaft of the retainer and the bait will be held in place.

How to use
Push the pointed end of the Retainer through the body or tail root of the bait and then slide the silicone tube over the end of the shaft. Hook the barbed point of your treble through the silicone tubing and one of the holes in the shaft of the retainer to hold the bait in place.

Key Feature – Because the Retainer is semi-permanently fixed to your hook there is no danger of the Retainer being lost if the bait comes free during the fight or on the retrieve.

Rigging Wire (5m) RRp £3.99

Rigging Wire

An essential item in every serious pike anglers tackle box. The Rigging wire is super-strong, yet highly flexible and holds its shape well. Use to connect bait poppers and rattles to traces, use as a wrap around the tail root of baits to attach them to traces, simply use your imagination as you can use it for many other uses.

How to use
Pass through a Bait Popper and form a loose twist around the foam buoyancy. Thread through the eye of the top treble and fix in place by making 4-5 twists around the wire, it’s that simple!

Foot Note

All the above products are now available from all leading Pike Pro retail outlets.


Visit the Website: http://www.baitbox.com/PikePro