Pike Pro Terminal Tackle Part One

Tue 10 December 13


Presentation & Attraction Products

Predator terminal tackle hasn’t really changed over the years with the Jardine snap tackle being the building block for the vast majority of anglers fishing for pike and zander. We have all been into our local tackle shops and unless you have a specialist predator shop locally (which are very few & far between), you are presented with only parts of large ranges of manufacturers bits and pieces. With such a wide variety of products available on the shelves, it can be a little confusing for the new or occassional predator angler to what is required.

Bait Box have been supplying deadbaits to tackle shops for a while now, and they have now ventured into the terminal tackle market with a comprehensive range of terminal tackle under their Pike Pro brand.

UKSA have been sent a range of the Pike Pro products to review, and we start with the bait presentation and attraction products from the range.

Bait Poppers

Bait poppers have been used over the past few years for helping to keep deadbaits or livebaits off the bottom away from debris or weed. The bait poppers are essentially high bouyancy foam balls which are threaded onto a short piece of wire that is looped at one end. The looped end slips over the bottom treble of a snap tackle, and sits between the lower and upper hooks. When a bait is placed onto the hooks, the bait popper slides up to the upper most treble and helps to keep the bait up in the water. When used with larger baits such as half mackerel or herring, the attaching wire for the bait poppers can be pulled through the bait and bait poppers can be added to it to create the required bouyancy, before the wire is pulled back into the bait, seating the bait popper in the cut end.

As the Bait Poppers are constructed from the high bouyancy foam, they can be soaked in fish oils to add extra attraction through the water column, and the red colouration also adds visual attraction to the bait.

TOP TIP – If you are fishing on a calm day and want a lightweight indicator that offers no resistance, carefully slice a Bait Popper with a sharp knife and clip it lightly onto the line.

The PikePro bait poppers are available in two sizes; Medium (approx 18mm) and Large (approx 25mm) in packs of 10 and 8 respectively.

Oil and Air Syringe Kit

Syringes have been used for many years for predator fishing to help with presentation and attraction. Obviously there are many inherent dangers with the use of syringes as if a finger is pricked with a dirty needle, infection can take place, and if air gets into the bloodstream, it can prove fatal to the angler, so it goes without any need to say, that EXTREME CARE must be taken when using a syringe and needles.

With the warnings aside, a good syringe kit is essential to the angler for creating presentations that may be difficult to do with other means. The Pike Pro kit comes with a 10ml syringe, a large bore needle for injecting baits with oil (pink end), fine bore needle for injecting air into baits (green end) and a protective tube to keep everything together in one place. Each of the needles are supplied with protective covers to stop damage to the needle as well as to stop needle stick injuries to the angler when in storage. The main protective tube also stops smelly oils from seeping out into the rest of your tackle, so the smells of any residual oil in the syringe will be kept in the tube and can be washed out as required.

Pike Pro have also included a pair of soft compound bands that fit around the body of the syringe and both needles can be kept secure with the syringe for easy location.

TOP TIP – When injecting baits with air or oils, slide the needle just under the skin and inject in multiple smaller areas rather than one large area. This will give a more attractive bait to the fish that you are targetting.

Pike Bomber

The Bait Bomb system (from Pike Pro’s parent company Bait Box) is something that has been around for a little while now and those that have been using it, have been keeping it to themselves as the results have been superb. With this in mind, Pike Pro have now released a version of the Bait Bomb that can be used to attract fish to the swim from a wide area with the use of oils.

The Pike Bomber is essentially an oversized block ended swim feeder that has a sponge inside of it. The sponge can be soaked in fish oils or other attractors to leak out large amounts of attraction into the water. The Pike Bomber also is supplied with three 14g (1/2oz) weights that fit into the base of the Pike Bomber by unscrewing the top cap, removing the sponge and dropping the round disc weights into the base of the body, before replacing the sponge and cap. If you wanted to actually put some food out for the predators, you can remove the sponge and cram mashed up fish into the Pike Bomber.

To use the Pike Bomber, it is a simple task or simply replacing your leger weight with the Pike Bomber itself.
TOP TIP – To ensure that the sponge of the Pike Bomber soaks up the maximum amount of oil, tip some oil into a bait box and then compress the sponge into it to soak it all up. This might be a little messy to the angler, but it is a small price to pay to potentially catch that fish of a lifetime or avoid a blank.

First Impressions

I will be totally honest and say that when I go predator angling, I try to keep everything as simple as possible and as easy as possible for me when out on the bank. I am sure that this has hindered my chances on many occassions, and after looking at the above items from Pike Pro, I know that I will be incorporating them into my predator angling straight away. The Syringe kit (even though I have a phobia of hypodermic needles!) will be used for 100% certainty, and the Pike Bomber will also be used on my stillwater or drain sessions, especially if there are other anglers on the bank around me).

The Bait Poppers will be added to my existing kit as I do tend to use these a fair bit and you can never have too many of them when on thebank in windy weather and half of your supply end up drifting across the water due to a gust of wind!!!!


Visit the Website: http://www.baitbox.com/