Pike Pro Terminal Tackle Part Six - Floats

Wed 02 December 15


With winter now upon us, now is the time of year to dust off your pike gear and get out on the bank in search of apex predator. This is also the time of year to make sure you tackle is in pristine condition and ready for the sessions ahead. If you are looking at changing or replacing your floats , then have a look at what Pike Pro have on offer.

Pike Pro Bobber Medium £2.69 & Large £2.99

Pike Pro Bobber Medium & Large

This style of float is especially useful when fishing shallow venues, fast moving rivers and turbulent weir pools when maximum buoyancy is essential. Its bulbous shape prevents it being pulled under even in the most turbulent water condition, enabling to present both live and dead baits shallow, with instantly recognisable positive bite indication.

Pike Pro Dumpy Slider Medium £2.85 & Large £2.99

Dumpy Slider Medium & Large

These elongated highly-buoyant shape are extremely visible in all weather conditions and are more than capable of support a large bait but offers little resistance to a taking pike which as we all know is very important. These very versatile floats are the ideal all round pike float that can be used for numerous presentations and situation.

Pike Pro Unloaded Pencil Float Large & Loaded Pencil Float Large both sell for £3.35

Pike Pro Unloaded Pencil Float Large & Loaded Pencil Float Large

These classic deadbait pencil floats are constructed from a unique high impact plastic material which makes them virtually indestructible. Pencil floats are the perfect pattern for presenting deadbaits on the lake bed. For the best presentation, they should be used with a semi-fixed weight just heavy enough to sink the float and fish at the correct depth. The loaded float does not need the line to be tightened to sit correctly. Bites are indicated by the float sliding away as a pike moves off with the bait.

Final Thoughts

The three patterns listed above virtually cover all pike fishing presentations and situation. These exceptionally strong floats are all made from an ultra tough high impact plastic material, meaning they will remain in your tackle box for many years to come, remaining in perfect working condition, making them a sound investment.


Visit the Website: http://www.pikepro.co.uk