Pike Pro Terminal Tackle Part Three

Mon 18 November 13


Ready Made Traces

Predator terminal tackle hasn’t really changed over the years with the Jardine snap tackle being the building block for the vast majority of anglers fishing for pike and zander. We have all been into our local tackle shops and unless you have a specialist predator shop locally (which are very few & far between), you are presented with only parts of large ranges of manufacturers bits and pieces. With such a wide variety of products available on the shelves, it can be a little confusing for the new or occasional predator angler to what is required.

Bait Box have been supplying deadbaits to tackle shops for a while now, and they have now ventured into the terminal tackle market with a comprehensive range of terminal tackle under their Pike Pro brand. UKSA have been sent a range of the Pike Pro products to review, and we conclude with the ready made traces from the range.

Twin Treble Trace

The Twin Treble or Jardine Snap Tackle trace is the most common used amongst predator anglers regardless of proficiency. Using a twin treble trace gives the advantage of a second hook which increases the chance of a successful hook up when using large or small baits, as well as giving a better chance of soft baits staying hooked on the cast.

The Pike Pro Twin Treble Traces have been constructed using the products available in the terminal tackle range by Pikemaster Traces. Each trace is constructed by hand and tested before packaged. Utilising the 45lb Seven Strand wire, heavy duty swivel, crimps, treble hooks, trace sleeves and bait flags, the rigs are amongst the most comprehensive available and certainly high up with the most user friendly that require no further items to be purchased to take full advantage of the set ups.

Each trace is approximately 18” in length and is suitable for pike of all sizes that we are likely to find in the UK.
The points of the trebles are razor sharp and are amongst the sharpest trebles I have seen straight out of the packet.

The Pike Pro Twin Treble Traces are available in sizes 4, 6 & 8 and are supplied individually at a RRP of £2.99 each.

Single Treble Trace

Single treble traces are picking up in popularity with anglers in that they are as versatile as twin treble traces when used with whole baits. Lip hooking a live or deadbait with a single treble and trolling slowly with it or wobbling back towards you with a small whole fish, allows for a more realistic presentation.

A lip hooked livebait on a single treble trace is going to be more active than one that has a second hook placed into the dorsal fin root. For the novice pike angler, a single hook trace is going to be easier to remove from a pikes mouth than a twin hook setup.

As with the Twin Treble Traces, the same items are used in the construction and are supplied in traces of approximately 18” in length.

The Single Treble Traces are available in hook sizes 4, 6 or 8 and have a RRP of £2.49 each.

Rotary Uptrace

The Rotary Uptrace is designed to stop bite offs above the actual rig when fishing with a paternoster setup. Using the Rotary Uptrace Kit from the terminal tackle range and the 45lb Seven Strand Wire, the Rotary Uptrace is spot on straight from the packet to use.

To use the Rotary Uptrace it is a simple task of placing a sunken float on the mainline before tying the mainline to the standard swivel on the trace. Connect a lead link onto the snap swivel at the end of the trace with the length of the link dictating how high the bait is presented off the bottom. Clip a wire trace no longer than 18” in length to the Coast Lock clip on the Rotary Crimp situated a couple of inches up from the snap swivel, and you are ready to go.

These are perfect for the novice angler to learn from before constructing their own uptraces, and are handy to have a few in a pocket of the rucksack for those days where you are constantly changing tactics.

The Rotary Uptrace has a RRP of £2.75 each.

Lure Trace

No trace range would be complete without a trace designed for fishing with lures. The Lure Trace is simply a heavy duty swivel crimped at one end of the wire and at the other end, a Coast Lock swivel is fitted to all ow fast and easy attachment of the lure to the trace.

As with the other traces in the range, the length of the wire is approximately 18” which is more than long enough without effecting the action of small lures. Each of the crimped swivel connections are covered with a PikePro Trace Sleeve for neatness.
The Lure Traces have a RRP of £1.99 and are a big step up in performance from the cheap nylon coated traces that are usually found in the shops.

First Impressions

The comprehensive range of ready made traces will no doubt find their place in the predator anglers armoury, even of those who like to make their own traces. A lot of thought has gone into these traces and the build quality is second to none. The Pike Pro traces are also PAC approved, which is testament to the design and quality of them.

Even though I like to make my traces up for peace of mind, the Pike Pro ready made traces will be kept in the rucksack just in case. In short, the Pike Pro range is sure to please the newcomer and expert predator angler alike without breaking the bank.


Visit the Website: http://www.baitbox.com/Baitbox