Drennan Red Range Float 6-30

Thu 02 July 15


Float fishing is one of the oldest methods in the book. It is arguably one of the most versatile methods of catching fish from river, drains, lakes and even canals. Over the years the equipment for this job has taken on some very major developments, particularly in the reel category. Ten years ago you would have had to spend well over £100 to find a real of any calibre but technological advancements in materials and production, now make it possible to buy a good quality reel for less than £50. One reel that fits nicely in the sub 350 category is the Float 6-30 from the very impressive Drennan Red Range, read on as we put this very tidy reel under the spotlight.

Drennan Red Range Float 6-30

Vital Statistics

The Red Range Float 6-30 reel is an entry level Reel that offer the beginner or angler on a tight budget a reel with everything you need plus loads of extra features you’d expect to find on reels of a far higher price. These stylish faded red reels produces 5.1 per turn ratio that is driven by five ball bearings plus a clutch bearing that produce a very smooth oscillation.

Drennan Red Range spool capacity

To make the reel suitable for multi purpose float fishing, it comes supplied with two spools as standard (one fitted and one spare), that have a front push button mounting system for total ease of spool change. Each spool features a single deep groove on the internal face of the spool, with a deep depression for the line connection knot to sit in, which greatly improves you line lay. Both of the spool will comfortably store 100m of 0.18mm or 90m of 0.20mm diameter reel line.

Drennan Red Range Float 30-60 folding handle

As we said earlier, the features on the Float 6-30 are endless for the price. You have a left or right hand quick fold handle. This easy to use feature makes carrying assembled rods much easier and prevent the handle getting damaged whilst in transit.

Red Range Float 6-30 Rear Drag

To control the drag on these reels is a no nonsense affair, made incredibly easy by the rear drag system. to increase the drag, simply rotate the stippled rubber dial at the rear of the reel until you are happy with the release of line whilst under tension. If you need to reduce the drag whilst playing a big fish, simply rotate anti clockwise until the fish can take line whilst retaining control.

Interchangeable breaking strain buttons

Key Feature

With the reel you also get a set of push in, Interchangeable breaking strain buttons. These enable you to easily identify the breaking strain of line on each spool, eliminating the need to write on the inside of the spool, a very nice idea indeed!

Drennan Red Range Float 30-60

Final Thoughts

The Red Range Float 6-30 have been around for a while now and in the lower price range category, they take some real beating. They have useful features in abundance that make your float fishing experience really enjoyable. These reels offer you the angler a good quality reel at the very affordable price of just £19.95, you really can’t go wrong


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