Drennan Series 7 13ft Tench & Specimen Float

Wed 30 September 15


UKCA three month field test

Around 15 years ago, a few of the UKSA team were privileged enough to own the Drennan Tench Float and Super Tench Float. These two classic floats rods could perform a magnitude of float fishing tasks, which made them a huge success back inn the day. Everything from specimen roach, rudd, crucians, bream, barbel and tench, were tamed by these rods over the years and to many old school specimen anglers, they were the rod to own. So when Drennan sent us the Series 7 13ft Tench & Specimen Floats rod up for review, obviously our expectations were going to be very high.

Drennan Series 7 13ft Tench & Specimen Float

Vital Statistics

The Drennan Series 7 13ft Tench & Specimen Float can only be described as being a true all rounder. This lightweight rod features a semi though action with a fast tip that makes the playing of fish from 4ozs right up to double figures a totally enjoyable experience, allowing you to feel every shake and lung that a fighting fish has to offer whilst also offering perfect control at all times, with an abundance of power through the mid section when required.

SIC Guides throughout

The rod is furnished with strong and reliable SIC guides throughout, which are attached to the blank with minimal black whippings, with purple trim that give the rod a classy but desecrate appearance. The rods full cork butt section, houses a screw lock reel seat with no visible threaded section visible once the reel is secured and fitted, which makes it very comfortable to hold whilst playing fish.

Screw lock reel seat

Key Feature

This 13ft rod but it conveniently breaks down into two equal 6ft 1.5in sec­tions with a sep­arate lower handle, so you get a 13ft rod which is as easy to trans­port as a 12ft. The rod and sleeve arrangement is a very simple but revolutionary design which is easy to transport and avoids all the problems and tangles associated with three-piece made-up rods.

This is made possible because of the unique and patented system of removing the bottom foot of the rod handle and storing this piece in a spe­cial pocket inside the sup­plied padded ready rod sleeve. The design also reduces the number of ferrules in the front of the hand, making the action of the blank near flawless.

Note – Ideal for reel lines between 3lb and 7lb and hook­lengths between 2.5lb and 6lb.

On the bank field test

We took the Drennan Series 7 13ft Tench & Specimen Float to fields End water in Cambridgeshire on several occasions over a three month period to see how well it would perform on a well stocked fisher. Our target species would be roach and rudd to 2.5lbs, crucian carp to 3lbs, tench to 7lbs and carp to mid twenties. We mounted a 2500 sized reel loaded with 5lbs reel line adn planed to purely fish the margins with a waggler.

reed lined margins are a great test for a float rod

Over the severla sessions we fished we hit into some proper lumps including a surprise barbel that weighed in at 7lbs, as well as numerous double figured carp. at no point in time did the rod struggle to cope with any of the fish we came into contact with. In fact, it performed better the larger the fish were. Even when we had the rod fully compressed, steering big carp away from the troublesome reed beds, we felt totally in control at all times.

a double figured mirror was A true test of the rods power and performance

On the sessions where we were targeting crucian’s, this gave us the opportunity to assess the rods performance in a situation where a little bit more fineness would be required. Although small in size compared to many species, crucian can put up one hell of a battle on light gear, and this more than likeable rod tamed crucians up to 2lbs 13ozs on 3lbs line with a 2.5lbs hook lengths with total ease. Responding to the vigorous shakes of the fishes head, cushioning every movement the fish made with total authority.

2lbs 13oz crucian was easily controlled on light terminal tackle

Final Thoughts

After several sessions out on the bank and after landing fish from a few ounces up to upper double figures, the UKCA team fond the Series 7 13ft Tench & Specimen Float an absolute joy to use. The all round build quality, performance and features make this a rod that could carry a much larger price tag than it has been given.

Add to the equation the well designed made up rod sleeve it is supplied with as standard and for the full RRP of £94.95 and you are getting what can only be describes as excellent value for money.


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