Nash Scope Cork 10ft 1.75TC & 2.25TC Rods

Wed 21 October 15


First Impressions

Nash started a bit of a rod revolution a couple of years back, with the release of the Scope range of rods. These compact rods made it possible for an angler to store made up rods in the boot of a car, out of the public eye, whilst still offering superb all round performance on the bank. As there reputation grew on the carp scene, it soon became apparent that that there was a demand not being met to cater to the needs of the specialist angling fraternities who target specimen bream, tench, chub and barbel. So Alan Blair and the design team at Nash HQ put their thinking caps on and in October 2014, they released the Scope Cork 10ft 1.75Tc & 2.25TC Rods.

Nash Scope Cork 10ft 1.75TC & 2.25TC Rod

Vital Statistics

These latest members of the Scope rod range are a 10ft long, full cork handled rod that features a unique retractable butt section. This means that these 10ft Scope rods pack down to 50 inches, making them ideally suited for storing in the boot of a car.


unique retractable butt section


Although short in lengths than standard specialist rods, these rods offer exceptional fish playing power. Another beneficial fact about using these shorter rods is, when targeting compact, jungle like swims, these rods re far better suited, even when head room is to a minimum, you can still cast your rigs out unhindered.

Stylish chequered wrap to give the rods a classy finish

The Scope rods are built on a Super light high modulus carbon blanks with 1K weave, which gives the blank it’s stylish chequered mat black finish. The rods are furnished with Fuji Minima low profile one piece guides utilised for improved casting and enhanced sensitivity. Mounted in the full cork handle of the butt section is a Fuji DPS reel seat, that is very secure, comfortably housing reels up to big pit size, plus it feels comfortable in the hand.


unique retractable butt section


Also featured on the 1.75 and 2.25lb models is a Fuji DPS keeper ring,just above the reel seat, so if you are on the moe, you don’t have to hook up to your guides, which can cause damage to the hook and guide. and on the end of the butt section, you have a black stainless laser etched butt cap with beta light slot (fits Scope Rectangular Isotope).

black stainless laser etched butt cap with beta light slot

Scope Cork 10ft, 1.75lb

This option is the softer from the Scope range. This versatile option is best described as a go anywhere rod. The 1.75lb models bring the classic Avon rod versatility into the 21st century being equally at home casting spinners and spoons for perch to float fishing and freelining baits at small river chub or casting feeders for bream and tench. They produce enough power for bagging small carp on commercials and even float fishing and surface work for bigger carp. Although compact, they have a casting range of 0-60 yards (55 metres) and are more than capable of casting out leads and feeders from 1-2 ozs.


unique retractable butt section


Scope Cork 10ft, 2.25lb

This all-rounder offers more greater control, which is produced by the flawless progressive playing action that offers increased power in the butt section. In the opinion of the UKSA team, the 2.25lb Scope rods are ideally to targeting big barbel, bream and chub in bigger flows but it’s potential uses don’t stop there. It will also find favour amongst the stillwater bream and tench brigades who use method and large cage feeders.Another potential usage is for anglers in search carp off the top in warmer climates when stalking out bigger carp of the top. This one is ideally suited for casting from 0-70 yards (65 metres) with leads or feeders from 2-2.5ozs


unique retractable butt section


Final Thoughts

Based on the ll round build quality of these rods, the UKSA team had no choice but to buy another of each test curve and we have now made them our first choice for all of our specialist angling requirements. Both rods have a place in specialist angling and it would take a seriously stubborn purist to ignore the performance that these excellent rods have to offer you the angler. You will have to pay £153.99 for the 1.75lb option and £164.99 for the 2,25lb options.


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