Sonik Sports Lighttec Spin 6ft 6in 1 - 8 grams

Sat 28 November 15


Light lure fishing and in particular drop shotting have become the fastest growing genres of fishing in the UK over the past 3 years. To cater to the increased demand for tackle designed for this market, numerous brands have released ranges of rods specifically designed for these styles of fishing. Not to be left out, North East based Sonik Sports have released a new range of rods called Lighttec Spin, read on as we take a first look at the lightest rod n the range, the Lighttec Spin 6’6’‘ 1 – 8 grams.

Sonik Sports Lighttec Spin 1 - 8 grams

Vital Statistics

This rod weighs in at just 128 grams and features a fast recovering blanks with an extremely soft tip action that enable your to cast the lightest of lures, enabling you to feel every movement of the lure positively. The blank has a minimal matt black finish, utilised to produce zero flash on sunny days, which comes in handy when fishing clear shallow waters.

Lighttec Spin reel seat

It features an abbreviated Cork Handles with rubberised protection, to fully protect the cork in all key wear points. These rods also feature a unique “click safe” down-locking reel fitting, that when tightening up, it makes a distinctive clicking sound, so you know your reel is securely locked into position.

Lighttec K Style guides throughout

The rod is furnished with ‘K’ style guides, these spacious guides feature a single mount with high quality, matt black whippings, which enable the blank to perform to its optimum potential when required. These sizeable guides also enable this lightweight blank to cast tiny lures a good distance, as they reduce line slap when casting, virtually eliminating line friction.

Matt gold end cap with subtle branding

First Impressions

After spending a few hours out on a boat, casting lures around, the UKSA team found this rod an absolute joy to use. Loaded with a 3000 sized reel we found it well balanced and very comfortable in the hand. It is perfectly suited to all small lure work, when targeting fish up to 5 – 8lbs and we’ve been advised that a braided reel line of 10 – 15lbs maximum is the perfect option. A great fun rod that we’re sure will give you hours of quality entertainment when your out on the bank.

Foot Note – There are three rods available in the Lighttec range, these are the 6ft £58.99, 6.6ft £58.99 (featured) & 7 ft and all options are available from your local authorised Sonik dealer


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