Dinsmores Carp Specialist Tackle Box

Fri 30 October 15


Terminal tackle storage is no longer a case of carrying numerous packs of rig components in a tackle bag. Anglers are now more accustomed to having all their bits and pieces neatly packed away inside small partitioned modular boxes, that sit inside a tackle box. These storage systems are a much easier way to keep your gear organised and makes everything that bit easier to find. The only problem is that many of these systems can cost more than a rod and reel, so for those of you who are on a tight budget, read on as the UKSA team take a look at the Dinsmores Carp Specialist Tackle Box.

Dinsmores Carp Specialist Tackle Box

Vital Statistics

This handy tackle box measures in at 270mm wide x 190m deep x 6mm in height, offering ample storage for all your terminal tackle and small accessories. The internal features a permanently fixed internal wall that splits the internal into two compartments. The larger compartment measure in at 255mm wide x 110mm deep x 50mm internal height, with the smaller front compartment measuring 255mm wide x 60mm deep x 50mm internal height. To configure the internal storage t your own personal requirements you have 3 large and 4 small dividers that simply slot into place and are held into position by the vertical grooves found on all of the long internal walls.

Internal  dividing panels can be fitted to suit your personal storage requirements

You also get supplied as standard, 6 clip-lock Tackle and bits boxes. These enable you to keep everything in it’s place and well organised, as each box has it’s own individual storage option. you get a 1 compartment for larger bits, 2 compartment for rig tubing etc, 3 compartment for back leads, with the 4, 6 and 8 compartment being ideally suited to storing smaller terminal items like lead clips, rig beads, swivels etc.

6 internal storage boxes supplied as standard

Key Feature

The main tackle box and all 6 of the supplied tackle & bits boxes feature a very secure clip lock latch to keep them closed at all times. Although stiff to use at first, after a few uses they still remain secure but just that little bit easier to open and close.

Very secure clip locks for secure transportation

Final Thoughts

After having a real good look at the Carp Specialist Tackle Box, the UKSA team kind find fault in it. This strong and versatile tackle storage unit, has everything inside to make the organisation of your terminal gear a vary simple task. We highly recommend that you have a serous look at one of these before you part with your hard earned cash as the Carp Specialist Tackle Box from Dinsmores will only cost you £10.00, which is absolutely amazing value for money.


Visit the Website: http://www.dinsmores.co.uk/

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