Drennan Quick Change Beads Mini & Small

Thu 02 July 15


Over many years, the UKSA team have tried and tested numerous quick change hooklength attachments but we always keep going back to the Drennan Quick Change Beads. If there various forms, they have served the team members exceptionally well, making it possible to change hooklengths in a matter of seconds, whilst also fully encapsulating the connection knot from damage, plus they act as a soft shock bead for your leads and feeders to rest against.

Drennan Quick Change Beads Mini & Small

Vital Statistics

These Quick Change Beads Mini & Small are precision made from high quality English tooling, so that the two components have a nice consistent fit. The outer bead is a semi flexible component that grips in place securely, encapsulating the internal connector. The internal connector has a small recess above the central hole to accom­modate the barrel of the knot, which is formed when attaching the reel line. The internal unit has an average breaking strain of 20lb (9kg).

Quick Change Beads Mini & Small close up

Rather than having a standard obtrusive black rig bead, Drennan Quick Change Beads come in the much more discreet green and brown camo colours. So they not only make the changing of hooklengths a very simple task, they blend in perfectly with the majority of aquatic back drop as well, which comes in rally handy when fishing in shallow clear waters, where rig camouflage is paramount.

Final Thoughts

After using the larger versions of the Quick Change Beads from Drennan for many years now, the release of the Mini & Small options opens up many new rig options when targeting cautious feeding big fish. The simplicity of these versatile green and brown Quick Change beads, makes them an absolute dream to use. The Quick Change Beads sell for £1.99 per pack of six (3 x green & 3 x brown) and if you haven’t already tried them, the UKSA team highly recommend you give them a serious try!


Visit the Website: http://drennantackle.com/thelatest/

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